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Commercial Mortgages For Everyone specialises in all types of commercial and business finance for limited companies, including residential buy to let, bridging and development finance. Based in Cambridge, we serve the UK. Commercial and investment lending can be complex and it is vital that you are matched with the right lending partner: a lot of time and money can be wasted pursuing lenders that actually don’t really like lending on your particular proposition which is one of the reasons why they have got your application for such a long time and then suddenly declining it. This is where our expertise comes in. Commercial properties can be complex and we have been helping customers for over 50 years. 


We will not be asking for any up front fees and the only time that we will ask for any fees will be when a lender has agreed to offer you a mortgage and the fees will be for the valuations to be done. We usually get paid a remuneration by the lender on completion of the mortgage or loan but sometimes a broker fee is charge, but will always be disclosed at outset. 

Application forms are now mainly done online so if you, like most of us, hate application forms then we can complete them with you over the telephone which will then take away all the hassle. If you are not sure about your requirements and you want to discuss your proposal then please call us  on 01223 291929 or 07368 405345


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Need to talk to about your mortgage requirements? Call Commercial Mortgages For Everyone in Cambridge today on 01223 291929 

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